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In-Person 1st Session Chugim Electives - Tuesday

  • Tuesday, June 06, 2023
  • 4:00 PM - 4:40 PM
  • The Wylie Center, 295 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915


  • Join Shirah Rubin as she engages participants in a visioning process that focuses on re-centering and nourishing you Jewishly.
  • In this Chug, Rabbi Amy Hertz will have you designing your own piece of tile art alcohol ink printing.
  • Led by Cantor Shira Nafshi, this chug discusses the ways to introduce new repertoire into the service.
  • Join Rabbi Rachel Bearman and Rabbi Leah Berkowitz and explore exercises in writing creative midrash.
  • Join Rabbi Tuling for this text study session to get a sense of where we are now.
  • Led by Rabbi Marcia Plumb, learn how Mussar works, and why it is transformational for yourself and your ‘flock.’
  • Take a play break with Rabbi Elisa Koppel. Feel free to bring your own or suggest some!
  • This is a hybrid yoga session led by Rabbi Susie Moskowitz. It is open to both in-person and online participants.
  • Join Kelly Levy and Rabbi Natalie Louise Shribman for an easy and light walk. Please wear appropriate shoes.
  • At this time, I am choosing not to participate in a chug during the first session.

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In advance of Tuesday's convention program, participants are asked to select either two 40-minute sessions or one 90-minute session Chug elective. Below is information about those offered during the first session. If you register for a 90-minute Chug, this is the only form you need to complete. Bios of all Chug leaders will be posted on the Sched App.


A. Visioning and Rippling Art Workshop (90-Minute Chug)

Shirah Rubin, Artist & Educator From Boston

Cost: $30

Participants will engage in a visioning process, as Shira facilitates a creative space and art experience that focuses on re-centering what anchors your contribution to the rabbinate and what nourishes you Jewishly. We will experiment with Suminagashi, a Japanese paper marbling technique. Japanese inks produce swirling patterns, like those found in tree rings or nature, which are created by dropping ink on the surface of water and then placing paper on top to lift the ink. While the Suminagashi prints dry, we will be making collage vision boards on canvases. When the Suminagashi prints dry they can be collaged onto your blank journal or incorporated into the vision board. We will be using intention setting, art making, and witness writing as part of this creative workshop. Materials fee includes a blank journal and all art materials. Registration is required and space is LIMITED. This Chug option will close when all the spots are filled.

B. Make This: Alcohol Ink Tile Art
(90-Minute Chug)

Rabbi Amy Hertz

Cost: $10

Design a piece of tile art with an intention (kavanah) or personal mantra using alcohol ink printing. Registration is required and space is LIMITED. This Chug option will close when all the spots are filled.

C. Who Moved My Music?: Ways to Present New Music to Congregations
 (40-Minute Chug) 

Cantor Shira Nafshi

This Chug will discuss different ways to introduce new repertoire into the service without upsetting the balance between what congregants feel they must have and your own need to do something other than the same V'shamru your congregation has sung for the past 15 years. This Chug is designed especially for solo leaders of small congregations where a cantorial presence is not generally available.

D. Making Midrash: Way to Find Our Ancestors' Humanity For (And With) Young People 
(90-Minute Chug)

Rabbi Leah Berkowitz & Rabbi Rachel Bearman 

Making midrash is a powerful way to reenergize our connections to our biblical ancestors. Writing ourselves into the minds and hearts of the biblical figures who have always felt distant (or who have been ignored by our tradition) can transform the way we relate to the characters, the text, and ourselves. Whether or not you've ever written midrash before, you're invited to this conversation about how incredible midrash is. Join Rachel, a midrash enthusiast, and children's book author Leah to explore exercises in writing creative midrash. We will talk about how we can engage the process of creative midrash to enhance our teaching of Torah.

E. Thinking About God: “Does God Have A Gender?” 
(40-Minute Chug) 

Rabbi Kari Tuling, PhD

Kari will present material from her book, Thinking about God, to address the question of gender in our God-talk, and will distribute text sheets that you can use in congregational or other learning environments to discuss how our ideas about God mirror our ideas about authority.

F. Mussar
(90-Minute Chug)

Rabbi Marcia Plumb

You’ve heard of Mussar, maybe even read a book about it but haven’t delved into for yourself to find out more…yet. Here’s your chance! Come and learn a bit of history, how Mussar works, and why it is transformational for yourself and your ‘flock.’ We’ll study the trait of savlanut/patience as we dive into this ancient Jewish wisdom. No prior knowledge needed.

G. Fun And Games (40 or 90-Minute Chug, Your Choice) 

Rabbi Elisa Koppel

Take a play break with Rabbi Elisa Koppel. A bunch of games will be provided, and you may feel free to bring your own or suggest some! If you select this Chug for 90-minutes, make sure to sign up for both sessions.

H. Blooming Torah Yoga
(40-Minute Chug)

Rabbi Susie Moskowitz

Enjoy a moving meditation with a beautiful yoga practice to prepare us for the end of Spring (seeds planted) and the beginning of Summer (a time for blooming). Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel or a mat. This Chug is a hybrid elective and is offered to both in-person and online participants. 

I. The Steps of Walking
(90-Minute Chug)

Rabbi Natalie Louise Shribman & Rabbi Kelly Levy

Join Kelly and Natalie for an easy and light walk, thanking God for our muscles and our ability to move. There will be time for reflection and conversation throughout the walk as we stretch our legs, open our lungs and see the beauty around us. Please wear appropriate shoes.

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