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About Us

A 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Women’s Rabbinic Network is the organization of Reform female, nonbinary, genderfluid rabbis, supporting and advocating for our members and the values we uphold to positively impact women in the Jewish community.

WRN is part of the Reform Movement, yet our work and influence extend into the greater Jewish world. Born in the 1970’s when the first generation of women rabbis was being ordained, WRN has been in existence for over 40 years.

The issues raised by the #metoo movement have been our daily work, even when others did not believe structural inequality was a threat to the physical, emotional, and financial health of women.

We recognize that while progress has been made towards the equality of all genders, unfortunately, in Jewish communities all around the world, rabbis who are not male-identifying continue to face additional hurdles and discrimination in their rabbinates. Therefore, WRN continues to uphold our original mission by providing pastoral support, ongoing education, opportunities for mentorship and networking, and a safe haven for rabbis who have traditionally faced and who continue to face discrimination based on their gender identities.

WRN is passionate about working toward and advocating for the following goals: safe, respectful Jewish communities; narrowing the gender-based wage gap for all employees of the Reform Movement and beyond; guaranteeing paid family and medical leave; recording and celebrating Jewish women’s history; and ensuring equitable advancement in professional and lay leadership.

WRN supports and advocates for our member rabbis, but our work betters all.

WRN is a proud grantee partner of Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta, SRE Network and Women of Reform Judaism’s YES Fund.

WRN is also a proud member of the SRE Network.

WRN is a proud member of the SRE Network.

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