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Tuesday Chugim Selections for 1st hour and for two-hour chugim (2pm PT)

  • Tuesday, June 08, 2021
  • 2:00 PM - 2:50 PM (PDT)
  • Virtual Zoom Sessions


  • Participants must purchase their own supplies for this chug.

Registration is closed

During the Tuesday program of the 2021 convention, Chugim are offered in a two-hour time block. Please register here for one two-hour Chug OR for a one-hour Chug offered only in the first hour. There is a second sign-up for one-hour Chugim offered only in the second hour.

Time: 2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET

Chug Electives and their Descriptions:

Introduction to Jewish Zentangle with Mindy Shapiro (2-hour Chug)-WITH SUPPLIES

You can't sign up for another elective if registering for this session.

Time: 2-4pm PT / 3-5pm MT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

Zentangle® has been described as a spiritual art practice which enhances mindfulness and self-awareness, decreases stress and calms the mind. In this relaxing, creative, meditative and quite fun workshop, where no talent or experience is needed, you will learn 4 basic Zentangle® patterns. Each structured pattern will be broken down into small steps and what results are beautiful creative and unique images. You will leave class confident in your unique, creative expression and with new skills to continue tangling on your own. What makes this Jewish? You will be tangling inside the shape of a hamsa! The Zentangle® Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. Learn more at

$20.00 Supply fee for shipping supplies in the US includes: -Black Micron 01& 08 Trillion Golf pencil -Hamsa template printed out on beautiful paper -3 additional paper tiles for continued tangling. Register by May 19th if you want to pay the supply fee and have supplies shipped directly to you.

Introduction to Jewish Zentangle with Mindy Shapiro (2-hour Chug)-WITHOUT SUPPLIES

You can't sign up for another elective if registering for this session.

Time: 2-4pm PT / 3-5pm MT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

You must register for this option if you are outside the US OR if you register after May 19th. If you choose this option, you must purchase your own supplies as listed above. The template will be emailed to you.

Jewish Iraqi Cooking with the Wandering Chew, Sydney Warshaw and Kat Romanow (2-hour Chug)

You can't sign up for another elective if registering for this session.

Time: 2-4pm PT / 3-5pm MT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

The history of the Jews in Iraq stretches back approximately 2,500 years, making it one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. This long and rich history lives on among its members in the Jewish-Iraqi diaspora today. The cuisine is full of fragrant spices and a variety of culinary influences, and is one of the central ways its members maintain a connection to their Jewish-Iraqi heritage. Join Sydney Warshaw and Kat Romanow, of The Wandering Chew, for a virtual workshop during which you’ll get to cook and explore the cuisine of this community. During this workshop, they’ll teach you how to make two of their favourite Jewish-Iraqi dishes: Curried Chickpea Sambusak & Amba (a pickled mango chutney) and cardamom and rose water perfumed Massafan Cookies. You will receive the list of the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to cook along with us prior to the convention.

Turning the Cracks in Broken Hearts into Vessels of Peace with Rabbi Anne Brener (2-hour Chug)

You can't sign up for another elective if registering for this session.

Time: 2-4pm PT / 3-5pm MT / 4-6pm CT / 5-7pm ET

In the days of The Temple it was understood that the term "mourner" referred, not only to a person grieving a death, but also to those who struggled with many other kinds of loss. The last year and a half has certainly affirmed this ancient wisdom as our communities have faced, both unexpected deaths and so many other kinds of losses. In this workshop we will explore not only our individual and collective grief, but also we will attempt to articulate a path through it that will lead to a healing that could create a necessary cultural transformation. We will be mindful of the understanding that the final stage of grief is not acceptance, but activism, and that it is no accident that the concluding paragraph of the Kaddish is a prayer for peace.

"When Being Right May Be Wrong: Tzedek Without Mishpat" Learning with Rabba Sara Hurwitz (first hour only)

As someone who strives for justice, to always try to do right, are there times where being right may be wrong? We will look at Biblical and Rabbinic texts that explore the question of whether justice is to be pursued at all costs or whether there are ethical limits.

Mah Jongg With Friends with Rabbi Melissa Zalkin Stollman (first hour only)

Are you a Mah Jongg player? Gather with others to play Mah Jongg, which some see as a quintessential Jewish game. Basic knowledge of the game is required to play (or you can join in to watch).

Meditative Walk Outside with Rabbi Jamie Korngold (first hour only)

Rabbi Jamie Korngold aka: the Adventure Rabbi will lead a meditative walk for healing body and soul. Wherever you live, you will be able to walk with Jamie and listen in as she guides this mindful adventure.

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