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If you have not yet responded to the Covid Vaccination Form below, please do it ASAP. Note that all participants must take a Covid test within 24 hours of arrival. 

Please Fill Out This Form

within 24-hours BEFORE you are scheduled to arrive

at Wylie Hotel and Convention Center.

Covid Safety at the WRN 2023 Convention

The WRN is committed to providing as safe an environment as possible for all attending our in-person events, and in particular at our upcoming Convention in Beverly, MA. In addition to following the protocols outlined below, we also strongly encourage those who are traveling by public transportation to mask while in transit.

WRN protocols are as follows:

    • Each person will attest to their vaccination status (vaccinated and at least one booster or medical documentation otherwise) six weeks prior to the Convention through a confidential questionnaire.
    • 24 hours prior to arrival through a confidential questionnaire, each person will commit to testing for Covid-19 with a home rapid test.
    • Our WRN community will support any individual’s choice to mask.
    • Limited outdoor space will be available for those who want to eat or gather outside, as weather permits.
    • Anyone with symptoms of any kind during the Convention will be provided a Covid test on site. Should they test positive, they will be asked to quarantine until it is possible for them to safely leave the Convention.


In addition, The Wylie Inn and Conference Center reports that their HVAC filter ratings have been increased to MERV 13; air changes have been increased and antimicrobial coating has been and continues to be applied to all interior door handles, push bars and other high contact surfaces.

WRN will continue to monitor public health guidelines. We reserve the right to revise these protocols, including adding additional precautions should the need arise based on recommendations from the MA Board of Health and/or national trends. This protocol does not guarantee safety.

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